The perfect CS:GO server hosting: dedicated servers or cloud?

Historically, the most popular option for gaming servers has been dedicatedservers. Either through paying a hosting provider, or using a spare computerin your own home, having a machine that’s only used for hosting a game serverhas always been relied upon as being the lowest-latency option. As there’s nocontention experienced with other people’s services, the game can use all ofthe server’s resources to run.However, cloud servers are becoming more and more prevalent as an option forgaming providers. Although dedicated servers run on their own machine, theycome with the caveat that if that machine or the connection to it goes down,the game will stop working. In a competitive environment, this can becatastrophic to the popularity of the server.In a cloud server setup, however, the load is shared between multipledifferent machines monitored by a load balancer. If one of those machinesfails, the load will simply be redistributed among the other machines, and thegame will remain available.As well as this, by nature a game server is going to experience fluctuationsin load – such as by the amount of players, or what game mode is being played.Cloud servers can adapt to this, allocating more or less resources to the gameas necessary. A dedicated server provides a fixed amount of resources, whichcan be an issue if the game’s needs exceed them.Fasthosts Cloud Servers allow you to adjust the specifications of your serveras needed, and you only pay for what you use. If you know, for instance, thatnobody will be playing on your server outside of scheduled matches, you cansimply add resources ready for those matches, then reduce them once you’redone.

Dedicated Game Server

Dedicated game servers is generally a game server that is being hosted eitherby a datacenter or in a much more stable and higher-end environment, withquality being omitted. The most usual approach and customizable, is by the CUIenvironment. Regardless of the Operating System or Network Operating System,command-line offers much more flexibility and broad settings for the user orusers to utilize. Below is links to dedicated articles regarding creating ascript to invoke the Zandronum engine and the linking to the configurationfile.

Benefits of a dedicated game server

Optimal performance and better security – A dedicated game server brings inmore stability and performance, unlike public servers. The biggest fear agamer possesses is the fear of lagging.Lags can be often experienced in a shared server as many share the same spacewith you, but dedicated servers don’t have this issue. Dedicated game serversare more secure as well with the latest security features.

What is dedicated server hosting for games?

Games have been here for long, and the recent surge in online games amongplayers has increased the demand for dedicated game server hosting. Dedicatedgame servers are far superior then shared servers and better option than VPSservers. The fact that you get your private server provides more control overconfigurations that deliver lag-free gaming experience all the time.With your game running on a dedicated game server, you have great control overvarious aspects of your game. For instance, you can set your own rules for thegame, which allows for a more customized sense of gaming. This feature canenhance the gaming experience and add more control for gamers.You can opt for a cheaper dedicated server if you intend to run small games orgo for a powerful machine to host graphically intense games, which requirehigh power and configurations. These powerful machines can deliver stableperformance even during traffic hours.

Dedicated game server rental

If you want the power of a dedicated game server under a pocket-friendlybudget, it would be a smart choice to opt for an excellent rental service.Instead of purchasing dedicated servers at one go, you can get the samefunctionality with the rental subscriptions.Many companies offer private game server rental with different pricing optionsand configurations. For instance, you can get dedicated game server rental ata lower price and best in class uptime percentage of 99.99% at FatalityServers.

Best Dedicated Game Server Hosting Providers

1. HostGator 2. BlueHost 3. InMotion 4. GoDaddy 5. KnownHost 6. 7. A2Hosting 8. LiquidWeb 9. 10. 1&1 IONOSAll of these hosting sites offer other types of hosting services as well asdedicated. Focusing on dedicated server hosting, at a glance with each ofthese hosts’ cheapest plans you get;Dedicated platform | Support | Server location | Starting price | DDOSprotection | Server RAM | Uptime | Bandwidth —|—|—|—|—|—|—|— HostGator | 24/7 via live chat, articles, tutorials and phone | US | $189 amonth regular but run specials | Yes | 8GB | 99.9% guaranteed | Unmetered BlueHost | 24/7phone, live chat, email| Not officially revealed but servers in US, India and China | $119.99 a monthregular but run specials | Yes | 4GB | 99.9% guaranteed | 5TB InMotion Hosting | 24/7phone, live chat, email| US | $115.69 a month regular but run specials | Yes | 4GB | 99.999%guaranteed | 6TB GoDaddy | 24/7phone, live chat, email| US and some worldwide | $172.73 a month | Yes | 4 GB | 99.9% guaranteed |Unmetered KnownHost | 24/7 user manuals, ticketing,email| US | $159 a month | Yes | 8 GB | 99.995% guaranteed | 6 TB | 24/7 ticketing and email | US but also others worldwide |$69.99 a month | Yes | 16 GB | Unknown | 10TB A2Hosting | 24/7 tickets, FAQs, phone, live chat | US and Asia | $119.99 amonth | Yes | 8 GB | 99.9% guaranteed | 10TB LiquidWeb | 24/7 live chat, ticket or email | US and the Netherlands | $199 amonth | Yes | 16 GB | 100% | 5 TB | 24/7 email, phone and live chat | North America and worldwide |$83.99 a month | Yes | 32 GB | 99.9% | Unmetered 1&1 IONOS | 24/7, FAQs email, phone, ticket | Europe and worldwide | $70.00 amonth | Yes | 8 GB | 99.99% | Unlimited

Dedicated Game Servers Hosting FAQ

1. What is an online dedicated game server?This basically refers to a computer that runs a server code that enables morethan one gamer to play the same game at the same time and be in the sameinstance. 2. How does a dedicated game server actually work?There are different ways to set up a server depending usually on what game isbeing played. They are always exist even if a player is not yet connected toit. Once a session has been started all players have to leave for that sessionto end. 3. Who runs dedicated game servers?For most console games the servers tend to be managed by the game distributoror developer. There are some though that can be set up by a group of gamersand there are more PC games you can do this with too. If you opt to run a gameserver you can set your own rules, create a deeper experience and have morecontrol. You decide what player level caps are for example, what punishmentsare given to cheaters or what the latency requirements will be. 4. Can a person with a decent home computer set up a dedicated game server on it?Some games can allow this. Player one can set up their computer as the server,connect to localhost and then players 2 and on can login to their IP addressand join them and play. However this can be difficult with hings like blockedIP ports and firewalls. Also you will not be able to host a lot of playersthis way. Another problem you are likely to run into is that it is hard to runa game like this persistently. Most home internet providers too will eithernot allow it or expect you to pay for a dedicated IP address. 5. When would a dedicated server be needed?If you are going to be hosting games and expect to have 12 or more playersregularly playing that is a good time to get a dedicated server. It also agood idea if you plan on having a game that never turns off, called apersistent state or if the game involves match making from a lobby. If thecost is a problem some ask for donations from players but check with the gamebeing played. 6. What does it mean to be a game developer?You will basically have to do a lot of managing, setting up, thinking aboutthings like CPU, memory, bandwidth. 7. What are the most popular games that are used on dedicated gamer servers?It changes from year to year and from one country to another slightly. Butright now popular multiplayer games include Minecraft, League of Legends, Dota2, Counter Strike, MMORPGS like WOW and many more. 8. Dedicated server providers all seem to be the same, how do I choose the right one for the game I want to set up?Look at the game and think about what is more important for that game to besuccessful. For example something like Minecraft needs a lot of storage andmemory and are far more important than for FPS games so look at plans thathave better numbers for those area.If you are hosting a first person shooter more important is the networklatency for example. Outline what your game needs and list the providers thatoffer those better than others. Also think about where the servers are basedand then consider their prices. 9. How do I set up a specific game once I have my server?That changes depending on the game so I cannot really offer a guide here forevery game. In some cases there is an easy one click step to follow, but ifyou are having problems look up online a tutorial specific to your game and Iam sure you will find a great guide. 10. What is DDoS protection and why is it important to have it?Basically it is protection against your server being hacked or attacked bysomeone. DDoS stands for distributed denial of service. It is an importantpart of your server’s security. 11. What is Soft RAID and Hard RAID?It is another way of protecting the data on your server. It stands forredundant array of independent disks and basically puts the same data indifferent places so that should there be a drive failure of some kind, thedata can still be found elsewhere. Soft Raid is software, and Hard RAID ishardware with the latter being more effective and therefore usually a part ofhigher priced plans or an additional fee. 12. Private or Public?A public server can be seen by everyone and played by anyone too. If you arehappy to meet new people and have a more varied number of players you arehosting that is fine.A private server is password protected and is just for you and however manyfriends you want to join you. 13. What are voice chat servers?These are a place where you can join other players to play a multiplayer gameand they also have the added feature of being able to voice or talk to others.Common voice chat options are Mumble, Teamspeak and Ventrilo. 14. How to choose between specialized game servers or normal server hosting?If you are tech savvy and have experience then go for an unmanaged server anddo the set up yourself. You can get everything how you want it, it is cheaperand to install the games find an online tutorial.If you have not had experience with servers but know how to install andconfigure the games and run the server opt for a managed optionIf you have no experience at all use a specialized hosting service that have 1click installation options and pre-configured servers. 15. Can I create a dedicated game server to make a profit?Basically no. There are some games that have specific rules about charging forplaying when you have it on a private server. If you want to create a serverdo it for the love of the game! 16. What is Uptime?This is how much time the service provider are promising your server will beavailable online to use. This does not include any schedule downtime forupgrades or maintenance though. Most promise 99% or better, why pay for aserver that is down all the time when there are other more reliable services.

What is a dedicated game server?

A dedicated server is a central device that is responsible for establishingcommunication and serving the demands of all the devices connected to thatnetwork.It is basically a remote server in a data centre that is completely dedicatedto an individual, a company, or an application. A dedicated game server is adedicated server hosting multiplayer role-playing online video games only. Adedicated game server is generally a rented service where the server, therequired software, the internet, and other functionalities are rented from thehost. It is a personalised server.A dedicated game server is either managed by a hosting service provider ormaintained through the cloud managed service provider.

Advantages of dedicated gaming servers

There are ample games nowadays that require a “peer-to-peer” connection and itonly works if the game is hosted on the dedicated gaming server. If theseheavy-duty games will not be supported by a dedicated server, then it willbecome unplayable.

There are many more advantages attached to dedicated gaming servers. Let’s

delve each one of them one by one – 1. DDoS free gaming- Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) gaming is the most wanted and robust demand in the gaming market and why not when it is such a malicious attack. Gaming consoles are very vulnerable to such attacks. Games involving videos, audios, etc. need standard solutions and more protection. Dedicated gaming servers are more than good to protect your gaming consoles from any kind DDoS attack. 2. More control- One of the staunchest reasons to shift to web server for gaming is to have more control over your gaming console. You will be the protagonist behind setting up of the all the rules and titles and if possible will be able to add modifications. 3. Low Lag- Dedicated servers are known to cater to lower ping times (ping is the time that an internet signal takes to go to the destination and then return). Gaming servers need to have lower ping compulsorily. Higher ping can also result from a slow web connection. In international gaming consoles, players playing from all around the world will some of the other time will have to face bad web experience. But this can be avoided clearly by dedicated game servers. 4. Improved reliability- Dedicated servers are any time more reliable than other servers. With the dedicated servers, 99.9% of uptime is gone nowhere and 24/7 monitoring is something that it offers in addition to it. Unlike a shared server, the whole power will be dedicated to your gaming console and thus will improve the reliability to a whole new level. 5. Optimized speeds- Fluctuating internet connection has led to the failure of so many good gaming consoles. Dedicated game servers are similar to a high-end functioning computer. High-end dedicated servers come all incorporated with speeds that are extremely fast and facilitate uninterrupted gaming among friends. 6. Additional storage- Dedicated game servers are always ready to serve additional storage requirement and are rendered with mechanism to support any kind of progress needed. This progress is supported at every level of the game. 7. Utmost support- Dedicated gaming server providers are those who have been known for years in the market of dedicated server hosting. Their customer support is very professional and world-class. You will get access to real-time feedback of the service and the best of the service in terms of demands, clarifications, and services.Most popular heavy duty games been played in India…Many of the game owners have been seeing bombarding in the number of downloadsof the gaming. Meanwhile when the governemnt has been banning people to sitback at home, games like PUBG or Call of Duty have seen massive turnout ofpeople.Apart from these heavy duty games there are small mobile games like LUdo orSrcabble are also reaching to dedicated servers to handle such huge surge inthe number of players which they might have never imagined. If you are notconvinced with the words then we have the numerical data as well.Approximately 22 lakh people played PUBG last month, still the number is farbelow the most played game. Google has also recorded a dramatic increase inthe number of searches between January and April. This is also giving the bestbusiness to the gaming consoles of all times. Not very famous consoles likeNintendo Switch are also experiencing increased number of searches even afterhaving big competitors like Xbox and PlayStation.Lets narrow down to mobile gaming where PubG mobile had seen the highestnumber of searches. Following PubG are the games Ludo King, Temple Run, Clashof Clans, etc. The time spent on gaming has also gone up by 44% which actuallytouched the spike after March.Online games coming up with ideas of tournaments to keep their players hingedduring the lockdownThe big players all around the world are missing out on that field cheeringand the camaraderie. Hence big sports broadcasting giants like ESPN orMotorsport Games have come up with the idea of virtual matches to revive theplayers and the fans all around the world. It would be similar to a virtualconcert, the only difference between both will that there will be players inthe place of the players. ESPN recently broadcasted the 2020 ChampionshipLeague of Legends and rising above those conventional sports like NBA, FIFA,etc.

Game Server Hosting: Types Of Servers

* Dedicated Server: This is probably the costliest option, but a good one nonetheless. Dedicated servers are hosted in a data center, offering high bandwidth and reliable performance. This is a great option for popular and large games, offering 24/7 uptime that the players want. If you run a massively multiplayer online game (MMO), you’ll want to host your own dedicated servers so that you are able to control and update the content. Here, clustered servers are the way to go as it supports both the massive environment and number of players at any given time. If you have a small game, this may not be the way you want to go. * Listen Server: This server is not housed in a data center, but rather runs on the same machine as the client. As soon as the client leaves the game, the server shuts down. Listen servers cannot support a lot of players because of CPU and bandwidth requirements, which is why the software itself limits the number of players that can connect to play the game.

Game Server Hosting: Best Game Server Hosting Providers

You’ve decided that dedicated servers will be the way to go. Great! But who offers the best hosting services? Companies offering game server hosting are often called game server providers, and the best ones will rent dedicated servers out to clients for a monthly fee. Here are some of the best game server providers so you can make a better decision. * This site was registered in 1998. They boast “ultra smooth game play” thanks to their servers that rely on AMD 64-bit Quad Core Processors. They have 24/7 service, and respond quickly to ensure your game gets back up and running as soon as possible. They offer InterNAP bandwidth, which is one of the highest rated bandwidth providers in the industry, that guarantees a super-fast connection to the server. * Fragnet: Fragnet was “built for gamers by gamers” in 2010. The company chooses networks that offer both low latency and high bandwidth, relying on Dual Quad Core Xeon Dell Enterprise servers. Action is smooth, performance is fast, and their support is 24/7 with quick response time. * XFactor Servers: Since 2008, XFactor Servers know that customers are the key to their business. Because of this, their goal is to make sure you are satisfied by providing the highest quality gaming experience and amazing customer support. Whether public or private game server, they’ve got you covered. * Nuclear Fallout: This game server provider looks to bring the best quality performance hardware to you at the lowest price possible. They’ve been selling these servers since 2002, and now offer “the fastest quad-core machines available on a dual-socket platform.” Their servers are constantly monitored by automated systems that can pick up a downed server instantly and alert them of any problems. They rely on InterNAP bandwidth to make the process fast and efficient. When it comes to service, they respond swiftly. * Velocity Servers: This game server provider is an up-and-comer. Their minimum server specifications (OCTI Harpertown Xeon, 12GB DDR2-FB 667 ECC RAM, 2 x 15K SCSI Seagate Cheetahs, INTEL-5400 Chipset, SuperMicro 1U Chassis) are actually ranked as the top hardware configurations for other game server providers. They will assure that you enjoy every moment of gameplay.Have you had experience with any of the above game service providers, or haveyou had positive experiences with another? Tell us about it!

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